Digital Communication & Social Media bootcamp

At the beginning of the year we took a big step into the digital field and we launched the first Digital Communication & Social Media Bootcamp, and time flies by as we’ve just graduated the first class!
21 digitalized students ready to blend into the digital ecosytem.

We’ve had top experts from the digital industry to teach each of the workshops the program consisted of. We’ve been able to discover what this Digital Business Ecosystem has to offer not only for brands and corporations but for people us a society too. A big thanks to all of you who made this possible:

Pepa Rojo (Wysiwyg)
Daniel Blanco (Grey)
David Alayón (Social Noise)
Roger Casas (El Cañonazo)
Carlos Esteve (EasyJet)
Juan Miguel Lapido (Conde Nast)
Gretel Ceballos (Findasense)
Víctor Gil (Mkt Fan)
Fabio Premoli (El Corte Inglés)
Luis Moreno (Arena Quantum)
Belén Coca (La Despensa)
Nuría Martínez (D6)
Marcos Morales (Tinkle)
Alfredo Tarre (Findasense)
Phil González (Instagramers)
Jesús González (Territorio Creativo)
José Baños (LetsLaw)
Ludi García (Ketchum)
Carlos Vasallo
Sixto Arias (UPP

It’s been an awesome experience and we are looking forward to next year’s edition.
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