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These are two-year programs divided into 8 quarters where you will develop all your creative potential. Our goal in Miami Ad School Madrid is for our students to create a portfolio with great works that speak for themselves. This is the way to enter an agency and have the possibility of being hired.

We are offering three courses: Art Direction, Copywriting and Digital Design. Your first year will be in Madrid, which is your base school. But your second year is completely up to you. Choose up to four different locations around the world. Learn different ways of thinking advertising and acquire work experience in the best international agencies (New York, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Paris…)

Every Portfolio Program has between 4 to 6 classes per week, per quarter (One quarter = 3 months). Teachers are working professionals, they will help you creating your portfolio and getting ready to the actual advertising market. These programs will develop your inner creative/designer from an international perspective.

Miami Ad School owns its prestige to years of experience and hard work; our students are the source where the best agencies nurture themselves.



Unlike most of other programs, ours lasts two years. This is enough time to be an award winner creative in the best advertising festivals, experience our global exchange network up to four occasions, work in the best agencies over the world and generate a truly valuable contact network for you future. Our motto is that you learn by doing. Expending long hours thinking, giving all your passion. Sharpening your inner talent and learning from the best.

Miami Ad School is not only a school with a portfolio program, but also an experience you can’t let go.

In which program are you interested?

curso de dirección de arte   curso de redactor publicitario curso de diseño gráfico


A portfolio gathers your best works, it is meant to be the compendium of your ideas, pieces and projects. Let’s say, this is the curriculum every creative must have.

Your award winning ideas and every great piece you have developed; prints, spots, radio spots, integrated campaigns, digital campaigns, guerrilla or even personal projects. It doesn’t matter if you are a copy, an art director or a designer, you will always need a book because this is how you show the world how creative you are and how far you can go. A portfolio is like a passport to enter the best advertising agencies you can think of.

Our goal is for you to create an amazing portfolio. Look at some of our students’



If you are an advertising or design lover and you think global. If you can watch any Almodovar film and tell about it to your friend Juan, this program is all you need to develop your true talent.

We have created the “Bilingual Portfolio Program”, a groundbreaking idea in Miami Ad School that bets on the international side and bilingualism. Half in English and hald in Spanish. I want to know more!