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Portfolio Program – Digital Graphic Design



Before you can put pen to paper, scissors to cloth or fingers to keyboard, the ideas need to flow into a cohesive idea. Concepting will help you hone in on a solution and is the stepping stone to how you will continue with your project.


You have a concept, now you need a plan. Inspiration comes from everywhere. Found objects can be typography, architecture can influence layout. Take in your surroundings to help grow your design aesthetic.

Whether by hand, computer or even 3D printer, how you execute your ideas means as much to the end product as the first spark of inspiration. Explore different mediums that accomplish the impact of your message.


Show your executed design to your teacher and classmates. This practice will get you ready to present to your colleagues, creative director and clients in an agency while also improving your ideas with constructive critique.


Portfolio Programs last two years, during this time you will be able to develop your creative power. Our goal is for our students to finish the program carrying the best portfolio they can develop so they can go to an agency and have the opportunity of being hired.

Hyperactive. This is the best description for a Digital Designer in a digital environment, and that hyperactivity becomes a new incentive in his/her life.

This is a profession that had been pushed into the background and reduced into creating your granny’s photo album. Now, design, has became a compelling force in this new multimedia and digital world.

Digital Designers are a vital part of the digital team. The team that makes video game graphics, Interactive events, mobile animation, banners, webs or any other thing a brand could imagine.

Nowadays, digital designers are product designers as well and they are not bounded to making “bare” graphics. They have become inventors, they create new ways of using the existing technology. Designers are trendy again.

All Portfolio Programs have between 4 and 6 classes per week during the quarter. Teachers are professionals working in the best national and international agencies. They will help you building your portfolio to match the needs of the current market. This program will let you develop yourself as a desginer from an international perspective.


Duration: Eight quarters (two years)

Classes: Monday to Friday. Wholeday.

Price: 2.500€/Quarter

When does it start? When you want.
October, January, April or July.

Vacancies: Maximum 40.

Open registration.


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One Show 2014”

Marta Llop


Show us who you are and we will help you to become who you want to be.

Our students come from very different backgrounds, but all of them have two things in common, they’re creative people and want to pursue their dreams. Don’t be scared, even if it seems a bit complicated, we only want to see your creativity and learn how you think. Have fun and show us who you really are – we don’t care about your computer skills or your presentation abilities, we will teach you that. What we want to see is how you face and solve problems, how big is your creative potential within this inspiring, crazy and funny world that is creativity.

Do you want to know which are the steps to enroll in our Digital Graphic Design Program?

We have created the Bilingual Portfolio Program, a trailblazer program in our network that clearly bets on internationality and bilingualism.

Whether if you want to rock the national market as well as the Latin American or the North American, European or even Asian, you will need to conceptualize from any point of view.

From the first day you will have 50% of your classes in English and the other 50% in Spanish. More info

More than 25% of our students in Madrid are from other countries. Different nationalities, different cultures, traditions and ways of thinking help expanding ideas and creativity. Depending on where you are from you’ll have to follow different steps, but these are easy, don’t worry. More info.

Ending the Portfolio Program means you will be the owner of a high level portfolio and a big network of contacts. Both come out as a result of hard work during two years. That’s why agencies hire our school graduates.

Agencies know they are well trained, with real life experience and they are ready to get ahead the work from the very first day in the agency. When you become a graduate your relationship with the school won’t end, and that’s because being a Miami Ad School graduate means you will have access to national and international job opportunities forever!

Many graduates earn their second or even third job thanks to the Miami Ad School graduates network.

Wondering how good is Miami Ad School? See what our graduates and instructors are saying about us. Read our reviews!

Here you will broaden your mind and discover your creative family. Aspire to achieve everything you want and lay the world down at your feet with a bilingual portfolio.

Your work will rock the Latin-American market as well as the International. Our students work in the best agencies in the world and our teachers come from the most awarded agencies so they are ready to make the most of your talent.

Our creative prestige is supported by years of experience and numerous International awards (D&AD, One Show, Clio, Cannes, Young Guns, Club de Creativos, Fiap, Laus)

Miami Ad School is not only a school with a portfolio program, but also an experience you can’t miss!